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My Top 15 TV Shows on Netflix

If you know me, you know I am a MAJOR binge watcher.

I love television shows from all different genres so picking just 15 shows was extremely difficult. I think I have watched over 50 television series on Netflix alone and that number does not even include any of the mini series. Perhaps I will have to make a separate post just for those!

Here are my top 15 recommendations of TV shows that are on Netflix right now. There is something for everyone on my list!

1. Gilmore Girls

2. Outlander

3. Reign

4. Ozark

5. Jane the Virgin

6. The Crown

7. Madam Secretary

8. Vampire Diaries

9. Sex Education

10. Criminal Minds

11. Schitt's Creek

12. Grace & Frankie

13. Riverdale

14. How to Get Away With Murder

15. Outer Banks

Comment below some of your favorite Netflix shows! I love hearing about what other people are watching.

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