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14 Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps

Climate change is real and Mother Earth seriously needs our help.

Over the past couple of years, I have been reading up and watching many shows about the environmental crisis we are currently facing. I'll save you some time and say it is SCARY. I have found that the more I learn, the harder it is to ignore. So much so, that I find myself often getting angry at people when I see them take too many paper towels or even drinking out of a plastic water bottle. Now I realize that I cannot be the great, Greta Thunberg, out there fighting for the environment everyday, but I can still try and make a difference in my own little way.

Below are 14 easy eco-friendly switches I have made in my personal life that I know you can do too. My actions alone might not be enough to make a dent in solving the climate crisis but the more people who take action, the closer we will be to making a change.

1. Plastic Toothbrush --> Bamboo Toothbrush

2. Single-use Cotton Rounds --> Reusable Facial Rounds

3. Plastic Body Wash --> Soap Bar

4. Regular Cotton Swabs --> Reusable Cotton Swabs or Bamboo Cotton Swabs

5. Plastic Baggies --> Silicone Reusable Baggies

6. Paper or Plastic Bags --> Reusable Canvas Bags

7. Paper Plates --> Ceramic or Bamboo Plates

8. Run Dishwasher Everyday --> Run Dishwasher When Full

9. Dryer Sheets --> Dryer Balls

10. Small Laundry Loads --> Full Laundry Loads

11. Single Use Plastic Bottles --> Reusable Water Bottles

12. Plastic Straws --> Metal Straws

13. Shop Fast Fashion --> Shop Local or at Thrift Shops

14. Plastic Tech Accessories --> Biodegradable Tech Accessories

If you are interested in discovering some more ways you can become a better citizen of planet earth, check out these websites for some great eco-friendly products!

Please do what you can and start doing your part in saving Mother Earth!

Sincerely, Silvana

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